Sample Assignments

This page includes 5 Sample assignments. Each of them incorporating a different resource.

Internet Familiarity Assignment:

  • This is the first assignment I have my students do in my class.  This enables them to grow comfortable with using digitized resources as opposed to traditional print-based course.

Fredericksburg & Chancellorsville Letter Home Project:

  • This was a very successful assignment I used for the first time this year.  I have included two samples of the assignment in the Student Work section.

Ken Burns Videos (2 Days): Battle of Gettysburg:

  • Day 2 and Day 3 at Gettysburg

    • This is how I teach the Battle of Gettysburg in my class. The students answer the questions as they go through the video.  I will stop the video throughout to discuss and assess the students learning.

The Gettysburg Address:

  • Upon conclusion of watching the assignment, the student will read The Gettysburg Address from the American Civil War Reference Library Section.  The students will answer the questions for homework and it will lead our discussion during the following class period.

Andersonville (The Prisoner of War Experience):

  • Andersonville Discussion Questions

    • The reading is to familiarize the students with POW experience and to demonstrate how places like Andersonville became a place of healing after the bullets stopped flying.

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