Welcome to my class Civil War & Reconstruction Homepage

Welcome to my website.  My name is Craig McMichael and I teach a course on the Civil War and Reconstruction at Detroit Catholic Central High School in Novi, Michigan.  This site will provide insight into how I have set up and teach my one semester class.  Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions in the areas provided on each page.  It is my goal that through discourse with my fellow teachers that we can learn from one another to improve our teaching and our student’s learning.   You also can email me at craig.j.mcmichael@gmail.com.

On the homepage, I have included a few pictures from a reenactment I took part in August of 2009 in Jackson Michigan.  The above picture is me, Private Craig McMichael.  For the reenactment, we recreated the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg).

Our small regiment marching gallantly to square of against the Confederate Army.   My heart felt as if it was beating in my throat, but I wasn’t scared.

Johnny Reb lining up to take shot at Billy Yank.  Don’t worry I heard them say “it takes a man’s weight in lead to kill a man.”

-Quote from the Diary Frank Holsinger

I regret to inform you that I did not live to see the end of the battle.  I fell heroically, of course, during the battle.

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